Core Values

At QK we have three core values:


  • High expectations of yourself and each other
  • Seize opportunities
  • Always strive to achieve your best
  • Go beyond targets set for you
  • Pride in the School


  • When others stop you persevere
  • Get back up when you have been knocked down
  • Never give up, especially when it is tough
  • When you think you are at your limit, keep going
  • Respond positively to challenge


  • Strength lies in difference, not similarities
  • Show respect and care to the wider community
  • Be compassionate to all others
  • Build relationships across the school
  • Be part of the bigger team
  • Help others learn

Ready – Respectful – Safe

This is the code of conduct defining the minimum expectations of students at all times.


  • Attend on time, with all equipment including school planner.
  • Full school uniform, worn properly.
  • All headphones, phones and other electronic equipment out of sight and off. They will be confiscated if seen.
  • No gum or food, or fluid other than water.


  • Do as you are asked by all members of staff.
  • Listen to others, use appropriate language and a polite tone.
  • Look after each other, the building, displays and equipment.


  • Follow rules for health and safety.
  • Keep hands, feet, objects and personal comments to yourself.
  • Be in the right place at the right time, and not in unsupervised areas.
  • Leave valuables at home, the school is not responsible for them.