HASJW – School Day & Term Dates

End of Term & Start in September

As previously advertised the school will be closed for INSET days on Monday 3rd and 4th July. Term will end on Friday 21st July at 12.55pm. The first day of term in September for each year group has been communicated in parent letters twice previously and again below.

Thursday 7th September – Year 7
Friday 8th September – Years 11, 12, 13
Monday 11th September – all other year groups

Home School Contract Day

Thursday 7th September will be home school contract day for all Year 8 to 11 parents. There will be an individual meeting with each family to go through and sign the revised contract for the new school. Appointments and details will follow.

Term Dates for 2017-18

Autumn 1 First day given above Friday 20th October
Autumn 2 Monday 6th November Tuesday 19th December
Spring 1 Thursday 4th January Thursday 8th February
Spring 2 Monday 19th February Thursday 29th March
Summer 1 Tuesday 17th April Friday 25 May
Summer 2 Monday 4 June Friday 20th July

As the dates indicate there will be a two week half term in the autumn term.

INSET days are Monday 9th October, Wednesday 3rd January, Friday 9th February, Monday 16th April.

School Day Timings

The school day is changing and there will be longer lessons; please note days will be the same, every day of the week, unlike now when Wednesday is shorter. After school detention will run for an hour as is currently the case. There will be no double lessons. As there are fewer lessons less time will be spent on moving classrooms.

Period 1 8.30am
Tutor Time 9.55am
Break 10.20am
Period 2 10.40am
Period 3 12.05pm
Lunch 1.30pm
Period 4 2.20pm
End of Day 3.45pm

There will be more time spent in English and mathematics across Years 7 to 11. All parents of students who will be in Years 9 or 10 next year are aware of the changes to the options processes. Year 11 parents should also be aware that their child will take an additional course, although some will have more time in English, mathematics or science instead as necessary. Please contact Deputy Headteacher Liam McGillicuddy if you have any queries.

Year 13 students will have 5 lessons in each course, and one of them will be after school finishing at 5.10pm. Details will follow in September when the timetable is complete and AS results are known.