Legal Status

Quintin Kynaston is a company limited by guarantee with charitable trust status. The Trust was set up in November 2011, under the then legislation allowing outstanding Local Authority maintained schools to become ‘converter academies’ with direct government funding from the Education Funding Agency. The Trust manages only one school, Quintin Kynaston, and therefore operates according to the single academy trust model.

The members are the shareholders of the company and control the strategic direction of the Trust.
In particular, they have overall responsibility for:

  • the charitable company achieving its aims
  • signing off the financial accounts
  • appointing some of the members of its board of the directors, the governing body

The members are:

  • Patrick Lees (Chair of Governors)
  • Dr Somaiya Siddiqi (Vice Chair of Governors)
  • Mouhammed Choukeir