DofE Expedition Practice

Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

Last week, fourteen of our Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh students set out on their practice Bronze expedition. Three groups set off on different routes and they spent 6 and a half hours navigating their way round their own planned walks. With positive spirits and great weather, they made it to the campsite in great timing, where they set up their tents and used their trangia’s to cook their dinner. As darkness feel, the students helped gather wood for a mini camp fire that we made, to help take away the cold evening air.

The next morning, they were up at 6am, preparing breakfast and packing their tents away, before setting off on their walks. After five hours, they reported in to the finish line in their groups safely, still in positive spirits, after a total of about 20 km over the two days.

Their experience has put them in good stead for their assessment weekend, next week (Friday 13th – Saturday 14th May). We would like to thank the staff members who also attended the trip and supported the students on their walks – Katy, Kyle and Julian.

Please ask the about their experience and wish them luck for next week’s assessment.

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Marc and Jeremy