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Current Developments

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Enrichment and Extra Curricular



The Island of Orania included three short science-based workshops on the spread of a viral disease led by expert researchers from University College London, followed by a performance workshop during which students adapted new identities to “fight” for their survival. The students later performed on stage at the local Cockpit Theatre.

Re-Tell and Playback Projects aimed at exploring tacit knowledge in relation to the local area. Students worked with professional translators to explore the impact of culture and context in a story before they worked with a professional script writer. They collected and shared local stories by interviewing members of the public, which later developed into scripts exhibited and performed at the gallery.

Work Experience at QK

The Church Street Partners’ Gazette (2011) was part of a workshop held at The Showroom Gallery which resulted in an exhibition called Bus 78. The fictional story, based on students’ first experiences of the local area, was later published in the local newspaper.