History of the School

Quintin Kynaston has a much longer history than most schools. Edited highlights are below. Click here to discover more.

1886: The Polytechnic Day Boys’ School was founded by Quintin Hogg and located London’s Regent Street.
1892: The school split into separate commercial and technical schools.
1919: Percy Abbott became Headteacher and re-united the two schools.
1944: Having overseen wartime evacuation, successor Bernard Worsnop went on to gain grammar status for the school renaming it to The Quintin School. A new building in St John’s Wood was constructed to end a dozen years of ‘temporary’ accommodation. Paddington
Secondary Technical School, which dates back to the 1920s, moved into new buildings next door to the new building to become Kynaston Technical School.
1969: The two schools merged to form a boys’ comprehensive Quintin Kynaston School.
1976: Headteacher Peter Mitchell admitted girls for the first time.
1994: Nick Kemp became Headteacher.
2001: Quintin Kynaston gained specialist Technology College status.
2002: Jo Shuter became Headteacher.
2008: Quintin Kynaston became a foundation school.
2011: Quintin Kynaston converted to an academy.
2012: Jo Shuter was made CBE
2014: Alex Atherton became Headteacher.
2015: Quintin Kynaston moves into a new state of the art building on the same site as the previous school.