Years 8 and 9

Note that year 7 information for each subject is available here.

Design and Engineering (DE)
In Y8 Engineering students investigate motion through an exploration of biomimicry allowing them to develop innovative designs to the design brief. Students then investigate mechanical movement, from simple mechanisms to complex industrial engines. Whilst in CAD Students bring the digital world of both 2D and 3D to life by 3D printing and laser-cutting their designs and creations. Our briefs allow students to design real products that are brought to market within class-time.  In both graphics and Textiles students develop an advanced sewing capability and apply this to a range of visual imagery throughout our programme. The graphic communication learnt questions the role brands play within the world around us. They also develop on their food skills from year 7; students are pushed to create more advanced and exotic dishes that can be brought home or used at university. The students become independent with their planning, preparation and cooking skills.

In Y9 students work collaboratively to create biomimicry inspired designs that use a variety of plastics, woods and metals. Projects in year 9 are specifically designed to prepare students for the GCSE Engineering course. They are focusing on restaurant quality service in food; students take their already advanced culinary skills and prepare themselves for the world of catering.  Recipes and projects in year 9 are focused towards students looking to progress onto the GCSE Hospitality course. In addition, through an iterative design challenge students bring Graphics, Textiles and CAD together to form coherent holistic outcomes appropriate to the use of modern materials in design.