Usama Yusuf – Credit Suisse Story

Former Quintin Kynaston student Usama Yusuf is not only celebrating excellent A level results and a place at University College London, but also a highly sought after place on Credit Suisse’s prestigious Steps to Success Scholarship programme.

Headteacher Alex Atherton said “we are all very proud of Usama. He is an excellent example of what can be achieved by an aspirational student who has shown excellent resilience to achieve his goals”.

Deputy Headteacher Liam McGIllicuddy said “this is a wonderful achievement by a high-calibre student. He has paved the way for other sixth formers to follow his lead.”

Usama Yusuf said “This has changed my life.  I want to thank the staff at QK for opening my eyes up to this opportunity, and most of all believing in me and pushing me right through my time there.  I am eternally grateful. “

Colin Hely-Hutchinson (Managing Director, Global Head of Corporate Bank and Steps to Success Senior Champion) said

“The Steps to Success programme, which sources the majority of its participants from under-privileged or underrepresented backgrounds, affords such participants the chance to change their lives materially. The immediate appeal, no doubt, is that we provide them with scholarships to cover their undergraduate tuition costs. Arguably more importantly, scholars see and participate in the day-to-day workings of a major investment bank while working with very senior personnel across the organisation. They can learn from the best, build their confidence, develop their skills and their networks and give themselves a chance to create a life that in all likelihood would have been unrealistic had they not participated in the programme”.

The Steps to Success Scholarship Programme is for outstanding A-Level students in the UK who are from an underprivileged or underrepresented background who are planning on attending university. The programme offers a rare insight into the workings of a large and innovative global bank, and consists of two summer internships over the course of two years; one four-week internship which takes place after year 13 and one six-week internship which will take place after the first year at university.

It’s a very competitive programme, with only 2% of applicants in 2016 secured a place on the program. Successful applicants have to undergo CV screening, online testing and a three stage interview process before securing their offer.

During the two year programme, successful applicants are assessed for a place on Credit Suisse’s main ten week summer internship program which takes place after the students’ penultimate year of university. The ten week summer internship program is the main pipeline for filling the Full-Time Graduate classes, which start the subsequent year.  Since the program’s inception in 2012, we have seen 67% of Steps to Success interns secure an offer to join the bank full-time over 2012 and 2013.