QK Ski update

Sorry for the lack of update – our hotel had a new wifi system installed and it ended up not working very well. Levi was the next student to earn the privilege of wearing the drop of the day outfit, perhaps a bit of a fix by the year 10s, but Levi was a good […]

Après-ski: Tubing

A new experience for all of us today: going down a ski run, lying on a rubber tube. One at a time to start with, but once we got the hang of it we were allowed to race. Great fun.   Hot chocolate, hot dogs and chips to warm us up afterwards. The live music […]

Another great day skiing and the first evening activity

Another fantastic day on the slopes today, even though it was bitterly cold. It didn’t stop snowing all day and at some points the wind was so strong it would stop us in our tracks, and visibility was so bad you could barely see in front of you. Some fantastic ‘drop of the day’ nominations […]

First day of skiing done and dusted.

Hello all! A great day skiing today, the sun was out and there was fresh now from the night before. The students have come on leaps and bounds and have shown a great deal of resilience. Some got off to a shaky start, but by the end of the day everyone was involved and was able […]

QK Ski: Lunch on the go and our first glimpse of the mountains!

Pit stop at services in Toulouse for lunch and then back on the road again. The sun is out, film is on and we now begin the final leg of our journey to Andorra. Excitement as we spot the mountains in the distance…  

QK Ski: Breakfast on the go

Good morning all! We have just stopped at a service station for breakfast, about 3 hours away from Toulouse (which will be our next stop for lunch). On schedule to arrive in resort at about 3pm local time. Not long now! Image: Google Maps

QK Ski Trip

Welcome to the QK ski trip blog. Here we will be posting pictures, videos and quotes to keep you all updated while we are away. We will aim to post at least 2-3 times a day, however, we do have a busy schedule for the duration of the trip. Parents: Please be reminded that we […]


The last day

We wake up today knowing that a good thing is coming to an end. We ski all day today, back to the hotel for a shower, to get changed and to have dinner then we go back on the road for another 24 hours. Great conditions today on the slopes, the sun has been out […]