In the Wiz, I played the lion. This play was based on the Wizard of Oz. We began with auditions back in June 2015 and were then given the scripts to have a look at over the Summer holidays. This gave me plenty of time to perfect my roar. The Performing Arts department ran rehearsals four times a week including giving up every Saturday since September. They made the rehearsals so much fun and helped us to get comfortable with our roles.

Despite it being difficult to learn all of our lines and songs, it was a fantastic opportunity for pupils of all year groups to get together and to help each other.

It was fantastic and fun and a great way to meet new people.

J-Jai AllisonYear 10

I played one of the crows and a member of the chorus which means i was in lots of different scenes. This was a really enjoyable experience and one that I had not been a part of before. It really made me step outside of my comfort zone and helped me to develop my confidence as a performer. We all worked extremely hard and the audience were amazing!

Manal Hammoudan Year 10

I have been a part of the school productions since I was in year 8. I really enjoy being part of something that showcases that talents and abilities of all of the year groups. I played one of the backing singers this year. I really enjoyed it as I love singing and it boosted my confidence even more.

I loved working with the whole cast and I am really grateful to the Performing Arts department for making it possible.

Ranim Suliman Year 10