Year 11 – End of Exams

With the exam season ending its final stages, and some exams for all subjects having finished the following arrangements will follow from the week beginning the 12th of June.

Monday English Language Exam

Last English Exam

Geography Exam

All other students in Maths Calculator Revision

Students dismissed at 2.40

Tuesday Maths Calculator Exam

Last Maths Exam

Students who do not do additional Science dismissed at 12pm.

Additional Science Students in Chemistry revision.

Students dismissed at 2.40

Wednesday Additional and Triple Chemistry Exam

Students who do not do History, Resistant Materials and Construction dismissed at 12pm.

History Exam

Last History Exam

Resistant Materials (RM) and Construction Revision

Students dismissed at 2.40.

Thursday Construction exam

Physics Revision

RM Revision

All students dismissed at 12pm

Friday Additional and Triple Physics Exam

Final Science Exams

RM students remain, all other students dismissed following the exam.

RM Exam
Monday 19th /6 RE and Arabic students in all day. RE Exam

Arabic Exam

Once a student’s exams are all complete they will not be required in any more lessons.  All formal schooling will finish on Monday the 19th of June.

I wish you and your family a wonderful Summer break, and sincerely thank you for all of your support this year.  I look forward to results day and if your child studies at our Sixth Form, working with them through the next two years.