Behaviour for Learning

Late School Start on 27/3/17

Due to the new Behaviour for Learning Policy, all students will have a late start on Monday 27th March 2017.

Students should arrive to school at 9.30am for a 9.40am start – they should go straight to Period 2.  Any student who is late will receive a 1 hour detention.

Tuesday 28 March – normal start at 8.50am.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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Attendance Tracker


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STEM Seedings

Our new STEM club for primary students – STEM Seedlings – started on 16 January 2017. We have Year 5 and 6 students from George Elliot coming in and are also hoping to have students from Barrow Hill in the future.

The students do investigative challenges which eventually earn them a CREST Star Award (nationally recognised). The club is run with STARs (STudent Assistant leadeRs) from Year 11.

I am training up a group and with time they will take on more and more responsibility. My first set of STARs did a fantastic job so please praise them when you see them! They are:

Zarina Shariff
Nancy Kader
Fatima Arman
Zarina and Nancy in particular really took the lead and I’m very proud of them. (They also both missed the initial training slot but stayed back on Friday, not just after school but after a parent meeting I had, to be trained!)

Misbah Arif

STEM Co-ordinator


Rewards and Recognition

From January 2017 the school system for recognising all the good things that students do is moving from vivo to SIMS achievement.

Why is this change being made?

We wanted to find an easier way of communicating all the good things students do more easily than was possible with vivo. It is easier for teachers to use, and for everyone to see, including tutors and heads of community.

What are the achievement categories?

There are four which are

  1. Brilliant effort

This may be for a lesson which went particularly well, or for when a student has tried extremely hard (and demonstrated resilience). The end product may not yet be right, but if they keep showing the same effort, it will be.

  1. Community contribution

This could be for supporting a school event, or for something particularly good in the tutor room. ‘Community’ could refer to, for example, the tutor group, the community or the whole school community.

  1. Excellent progress

Generally this is for progress shown ‘over time’, for example a series of lessons where the student is clearly moving forward as a result of a sustained effort.

  1. Outstanding work

This could be for an individual lesson, piece of homework or project.

How will this work?

Most achievements will come from lessons, but may also come from around the school. This is for the sixth form just as much as year 7. Everyone likes having their achievements recognised, regardless of their age. The fact we are using SIMS to recognise achievement means that even more of our key information on students is going in one place, so it can be easily retrieved and shared.

There will be a sense of competition between tutor groups and communities. How that works is still to be decided. Our experience tells us, that what students most want is the praise and recognition for getting things right.

How will parents know?

By the beginning of February 2017 the intention is to connect SIMS with our text messaging service so that each achievement is followed by a text message home. We hope you do not find this to be an intrusion; when we ran the idea by our parent group they were very supportive. It should give you more information about how your child is doing day by day.

Other methods of rewarding and recognising such as positive phone calls or good news slips will still continue but SIMS achievement is likely to be the main system. We may also provide a full list at parents evenings or community days so you have the whole picture.

We hope you like it and enjoy receiving positive messages about your child’s achievements.